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5:40a Max Armstrong Farm Progress America

6:00-6:04 ABC News

6:06-6:29 RFD Illinois with Alan Jarand and Rita Frazier from the IL Farm Bureau

WRAM MORNING SHOW from 6:30 to 9am

6:29-6:35 ABC News/Local News/Obits

6:40 WRAM local and national sports

6:45 Max Armstrong Morning Midwest Digest

6:54 Successful Farming Magazine

6:50 Prescription for your Health

6:55 Dave Ramsey's Daily Money Makeover

7:00 ABC News


7:04 Local News/Obits

7:07 Opening Markets from CME and Posted County Prices from USDA

7:10 Today in Agriculture / Today in History

7:20 Just a Minute with Reverend Epperson from the First Christian Church

7:22 Local and National Sports

7:25 Brownfield Ag News

7:30 Mike Huckabee Commentary from ABC network

7:35  Local News/obits

7:40 Community Calendar


7:43 Local/National Sports

7:45 local interviews


7:50 Inside Agriculture

7:53 The Fresh Grocer Tip of the Day

7:54-7:59 Health/Business News

8:00 ABC News


8:04 Local news/obits

8:10 Community Club


8:15 Local Sports

8:20 Local interviews

8:25 Country Music Greats Minute

8:30 Local News/Obits

9:00 ABC News


9:04 Local News


9:05 The Market Watch with John Jekinson with the Ag Network

10:00 ABC News

10:06 Agritalk with Mike Adams

11:00 ABC News

11:07  RFD Today with Alan Jarand and Rita Frazier  from the IL Farm Bureau

11:30 Local Markets

12:00 ABC News


12:04 Local News/obits


12:10 Local Sports


12:15 Mike Huckabee from ABC Network


12:20 Complete Market reports


12:29 Local grain prices

12:30 Bill Ramsey with the Risk Management Group

12:40 Illini Farm Report

12:55 Max Armstrong Midwest Digest

1:00-midnight Continous Classic Country Music / Chicago Cubs Baseball


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